Quick Steps


To get a quick reminder to using PowerForce, follow the items below as an reminder guide.



This page and those to which it links are a very quick tutorial on all of the major aspects of PowerForce.


Getting Started

  1. Scheduling/Confirmations
    1. Preparation
    2. Confirming Shifts
    3. Ensure all shifts have been confirmed for any given week
    4. Creating ADHOC Shifts
    5. Allocating or replacing a shift
    6. Cancelling shifts for an entire site
    7. Cancelling a single shift ONLY
  1. Service Billing (Invoicing)
    1. Check that site (client) has no spares
    2. Pre-Invoice Report
    3. Invoicing
    4. Creating PDF invoices
    5. Deleting single/multiple invoices
    6. Sydney Entertainment Centre (SEC) Invoices
    7. Committing an Invoice Generation
  1. Payroll Processing
    1. Casting Overtime
    2. Pre-Payroll Report
    3. Payrun Processing
    4. Balancing Payrun against Pre-Payroll Report
    5. Deleting a Payrun
    6. Re-Processing Payrun
    7. Committing Payrun
    8. Creating Electronic Payment (EPS) file in ABA format
    9. Payroll Reports for Accounts
    10. Providing hours to Sub-Contractors
  1. Generating Rosters
    1. Editing a standard schedule
    2. Editing a standard schedule
    3. Confirming Roster Allocations
    4. Printing Rosters
      1. Un-Allocated Shifts Report
      2. Availability Sheet
      3. Site based rosters
      4. Employee based rosters
    5. Running Payslips
  1. Miscellaneous Tasks
    1. Staff Availability
    2. Deduction/Allowances
    3. Add New Client Wizard
    4. Add New Sub-Contractor Employee Wizard
    5. Add New Employee Wizard
    6. Changing Employee Classification




Changing the view(s)



Month to date processing


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