People employed to handle the staff rostering within an organisation play a key role. The work done through rostering has flow down effects to areas such as Payroll and Billing. It is very important to ensure that everything to do with rostering and its management is accurate. Rostering involves the placement of suitably qualified staff in location to work specific shifts across a period of time such as a week, fortnight, month or longer.

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General information about Rostering

What is Rostering

Scheduling Workbench Intro

more.. Scheduling Workbench

Getting Started (preparing a roster)

Introducing the rostering screens (wip)

Creating an ad-hoc shift (wip)

Assigning staff to a shift(wip)

Making Changes to a shift(wip)

Confirming shifts (timesheets) (wip)

Job Locations & Google Maps

Changing staff between shifts(wip)

What is behind a shift

The information behind a shift (wip)

fAdding an allowance to a shift (wip)

eStaff Swaps on a Job(wip)

dRostering equipment & kit (wip)

Cancelling shifts - single & entire site

aScheduling codes

aAdhoc Shift access

aEdit shift - Confirm Save button

Working with Client Work Schedules

Client Work Schedules®

Working with Standard Schedules

Creating a standard schedule®

Managing a standard schedule® (wip)

Using a standard schedule(wip)

Working Through Problems

Place Marker ® (wip)

Managing the Roster

Confirming roster allocations (wip)

Pre-payroll & pre-invocing reports (wip)

Availability report (wip)

Employee based roster reports (wip)

Site base roster reports (wip)

Un-allocated shifts report (wip)

Team Codes

Defining Role Types

Scheduling Group Codes


Sending staff rosters via SMS..

Creating SMS message templates

Sending adhoc SMS messages


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PowerForce Professional Services

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Sysadmin Facilities

Change Employee Roster details ..

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Other Tutorials

Validating overtime calculation via WorkBench®

Generating work / std schedules for mobile patrol

Mon - Fri shifts not costing correctly.

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