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Using the scheduling workbench

  • Scheduling/Confirmations
    • Preparation
      • Don’t need staff availability list – Shred this document (it contains private information)
      • Master copy of rosters from previous week keep and attach to our copy of invoices when produced
      • Transfer next week of processed rosters and availability sheet into Working Week subsection
      • Any emails or “Extra Staffing Forms” are to be at hand to attached to invoices
    • Confirming Shifts
      • On the left hand side of the main navigator screen, double click “Scheduling”
      • On the left hand side of the main navigator screen, under “Scheduling” double click “Scheduling Workbenches”
      • On the right hand side of the main navigator screen double click “Time Scheduling Workbench – HR”
      • Select the weekending you wish to confirm shift/s on, by the last day of the week from the drop down box labelled “W/End” near the top right hand corner of the new workbench window that has opened up
      • Click on the “Site” tab
      • Select the site you wish to confirm shift/s on from the drop down box located in the top left corner of the workbench window
      • Maximise the window by clicking the maximise button on the very top corner of the window – next to the “x” button
      • Select the shift you want to confirm by clicking once on the respective cell ONCE
      • Confirm the hours of start and finish visually by looking at the shift cell or the summary at the top centre of the window near “book”/”post” times. This area also displays the total hours of the shift
  • Please note, for a site such as CVD, you can also look at the total of a day to compare to a timesheet by comparing the daily total (located at the bottom on the column of each day, which represents the number of shifts for that day and the total hours) to a timesheet total.
      • To edit a shift start/finish/position/classification, double click on shift cell, this will open the “Editing Booking Window”
      • Enter the correct start and end times in the “post start” and “post end” fields’ 24hrs format with a decimal point as the separator for hours – minutes. Times should be entered to the closest quarter hour interval
      • Press the TAB button on the keyboard to refresh the hours on the window and double check against a timesheet
      • Ensure the “override charge” field is not ticked at the bottom right of the edit booking window
      • IF role type field is empty – Click once on “Comments” Tab for non standard site such as S.E.C
      • When finished editing, click “confirm and save” button at the bottom of the edit booking window, this will close the edit booking window and turn the edited shift to green highlight
  • Please note, you may only choose to save the changes to the edited shift without escalating it to a semi confirmed (green highlight) state.
      • Once all shift on a client site have been semi confirmed, click the “green tick” icon on the top left corner of the workbench, above the site field
      • Click “all shifts” on the prompt box
      • Click “confirm all” on the confirm shift times window – all the boxes become checked
      • Click “save”
      • Click the “recycle” icon next to the “site” tab and the site will refresh and all shifts will be bold and italic
  • Please note, CVD has Balewood (contractor) included on PowerForce but it may not always be on the time sheet.
  • Balewood’s hours are standard being - Mon-Fri add 6 hours, Sat and Sun 4 hours each day.
  • Repeat steps 1.2.6 to 1.2.20 for each site you wish to confirm.


    • Ensure all shifts have been confirmed for any given week
      • On the left hand side of the main navigator screen, double click “Scheduling”
      • On the right hand side of the main navigator screen double click “confirmed/unconfirmed shift report”
      • Do not select a “site”
      • Enter date range required
      • Change the “report type” to “unconfirmed” and press “print”.
  • Any unconfirmed shifts will show otherwise a message is shown saying “no rosters meeting the selection criteria”

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