Software Updates - Sep '17

  Description ( Resolved Issues / Enhancements )
26/09 [W] mms_about - change contact details
[W] nvu_019 - change contact details
[S] repref41, repref52, repref53, repref68 - change email contact details
[S] mms_about_sub, nv_error, update_tax_table - change email contact details
[S] rephr019, repref43, repref49, repref50 - change email contact details
19/09 [H] calculating leave entitlements
18/09 [S] nv_quicksuper - UAV fix for multi voluntary super accounts
  [H] attaching documents to client records
10/09 [W] nvu_import_files: drag/drop client details attachments
[S] nvu_import_files: commuter for above
[S] client_contract_details: interface to above
[S] rephr056: breakdown of hours
[S] nvu_029: export DICT items to DOS
[S] mpd_system_controls - setup controls records for ".\images" entries
[S] nvu_031: part of nv_make_dict - return "S" type code
[S] nvu_032: make list of '\images\*' records to copy to deployed systems

01/09 [S] nvu_030: create self defining nvd_DICT_table functions
[S] repmisc01: Logs report (EDMEN) List either employee or client logs for a period
    [new] Bulk importing / loading employee licence / accreditation details