Professional Services for your Payroll and Rostering Implementation

We are a professional services company, with over 20 years of hands on experience installing and implementing HR, Payroll and Rostering systems. We are well qualified to provide you implementation services for any of the afore mentioned applications where you need supplementary resources.

HR and payroll vendors are generally more focused on the installation of their application, leaving you with the challenge of implementation. Unless you have a committed team working on the implementation full time, you will be challenged with the demands of running your day to day business as opposed to the implementation of a new system.

We on the other hand work single-focused on the implementation of your new application.

We work in support of your business to project manage, clean all your data prior to the implementation, upload the data into your new application platform, and, we verify all the requisite processes work prior to your switch over to your new applications.

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Onboarding new systems

Having been a payroll and rostering vendor for the past 24 years, we are very familiar with the resourcing demands of both client and vendor, the challenges of enough time to focus wholly on the task at hand.

Our experience is your advantage

We look to supplement your workload with our experience in this field over 20+ years and hundreds of client implementations. Testing and double-checking every detail at every step is the cornerstone of a successful implementation.

Let's see how we can assist you!

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