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Section 2

The Rate of Sick Leave entitlements has changed

Customer has called in with the following issue:

  • Sick leave accruals for an “Admin” classification codes accrued at a rate of 5 days for the first year, and 8 days thereafter up until 27/03/06.
  • Following on from 28/03/06, the sick leave accrual changed to 10 days / year for both the first and subsequent years.
  • It is now 26/10/07, how do we go back and correct the sick leave accruals and bring the employee data up to date.

Getting There: [ SC / Payroll / Earning Codes / Sick Leave Codes]


Sick leave is managed via the Sick Leave codes window:

Figure 1 Sick Leave Code Definition

Linking Sick Leave to pay rate: [ SC / Payroll / Classification Codes]  


The employees pay details are governed by their Classification Code, and it’s on the classification code that the linkage to Sick leave is maintained. The following screen is an example only on how the details are to be set up.



Figure 2 - Sample Classification with Sick Leave Accruals
What you want to take away from this is the fact that this classification is effective 01/07/2002, and in this instance there are no further classifications following. Also, the Entitlements tab, is where you link the Sick Leave code previously defined (Figure 1).

These two data elements go together to define how a sick leave is managed on a per classification basis.

Next Step


You now need to create a new Sick Leave code to define your new requirements of 10 days for the first year, and 10 days thereafter.

pf_sickleaveSo, by way of example – create a new Sick Leave Code and define 10 days (8 hours / day), as per the following image:

Figure 3 Defining a New Sick Leave Code

Next Steps

Please follow and understand the following succinctly before making any changes to your system.

The current date (writing this note) is 26/10/07, and the problem is relating back to 27/03/06, and the example above has a classification code effective date of 01/07/2002.

If in dealing with this issue, you have classification codes in between the date of the correction and the date of the problem, you will need to amend the classifications in between to ensure that the new Sick Leave accrual is defined in each of the classifications therein.

Lets work it on the premise that there’s nothing in between.

Creating a new Sick Leave Accrual / Classification Link


Lets work it on the premise that there’s nothing in between. Create a classification effective 28/03/2006 and in Figure 2, and alter the Sick Leave Entitlement Code to “S3” (Figure 3).

This has now defined the same pay rate as previously, but with a different code reflecting the new rate of Sick Leave accrual.

Finishing Off

To complete the update you must check that the configuration is working as you would expect it, so select an employee that is covered by this classification code.
Using the Personnel Summary screen, select the Leave button, like so:


pf_sickleave The follow the normal procedures to confirm that the leave has been re-calculated at the new higher rate, effective of 28/03/2006.


If you are satisfied that the calculation is working correctly, you may then re-calculate leave for all the employees for this particular classification using this same method, or you may choose to do a Bulk Accrual via:

[ SC / Payroll / Tools / Calculate Entitlements ]

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