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Section 2

Setting up Sick Leave

Various methods for handling Sick Leave can be setup for different types of employees.
You set up sick leave codes so that the system knows how you want the accruals to be calculated.

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Accrual Method

Sick leave can be accrued per day or granted in a lump sum on the anniversary date.

Pro Rata Rate

Percentage for every hour worked.

First Year Accrual

This allows for different amounts of sick leave in the first year.

Accrual Hours Per Period

This is the hours accrued in a normal year.

Maximum Entitlement

The maximum sick leave that can be accrued.

Anniversary Rule

Select how you want to process accrued sick leave at the completion of every year of service.




Check this box if super is to be calculated on this leave.

Workers Compensation.

Check this box if workers comp is to be calculated on this leave.

Rostered Days Off

Check this box if this type of leave is to be accrue into Rostered Days off.

Accrue after

  • Enter the number of months before accrual is shown.
  • Accruals will be calculated back to the start date.

Entitled after

  • Enter the number of months before employee will be entitled to the accrual.
  • If leave is to be taken prior to entitlement date a warning will be given



Accrual method

Accrue on days means days worked per year and will accrue 1/52 of the entitlement per week.
1)  E.g. yearly entitlement = 40 hours / 52 weeks = .769 hours per week.
Grant on anniversary
1)  Means the entitlement will be granted at the commit process of the first pay run after the anniversary date.
Pro-Rata of hours
1)  Means the pro-rata rate will be used to calculate the entitlement based on the full time accrual.
2)   E.g. yearly entitlement = 40 hours / 52 weeks = .769 hours per week / 40 hours per week = .0192 per hour worked

Pro-Rata Rate

The rate to be used for employees who accrue leave based on the Pro-Rata of Hours option (if chosen in the Accrual Method above)
As per the formula for “Pro-Rata of Hours” option above the value entered here would be the figure (0.0192) as a percentage, i.e.: 1.92

First year accrual

This field is used if the entitlement is different in the first year to the following years (value entered in “Accrual hours Per Period” below).
Enter the total hours for the first year of service

Accrual hours Per Period

Total entitlement hours for each year. Entered if selected “Accrual Method” (above) is not “Pro-Rata of hours”


This is the cap value for the entitlement

Anniversary Rule

Accrue leave

  • Means leave will accrue on a weekly basis and leave taken will subtract.
  • If leave taken is greater than leave accrued the entitlement will go into negative.

Positive Accumulation

  • Means if leave taken is greater than leave accrued it will be paid
  • The entitlement will not go into negative.

Reset Accumulation

  • Means at anniversary date entitlement will be set to zero.
  • Then the entitlement for the current year will be added based on the “Accrual Method”.

General Ledger Account

Enter your account code if the general ledger has been setup


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