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Process Superannuation Payments

Outcome:  Demonstrate how to create superannuation “Pre-Payment” report.
Explain the meaning of the fields displayed in the ”Pre-payment report.
Demonstrate how to create the superannuation payment.
Demonstrate how to setup the superannuation payment for EPS processing.

Why Use

This is used to calculate the Superannuation payments for a company and then setup the transfer.


Create Report

Check Report

Create payment

EPS remit payments


1. Select Payroll on the “Navigator” window.
2. Open the “Superannuation Processing” window.

3. If you operate one company it will be automatically selected, if not select your company.
4. Enter the date range for the superannuation to be paid.
5. Select “Print Pre Payment Report”
6. Select “Screen” as the output
A.      Information can be reviewed on the screen.

B.      If necessary a hard copy can be printed from this window.
7. Click pf_super
A.      Sample of report
8. Check the values are correct.
A.      The fields of the report are created as follows:
1)  Fund - As set in “Personal Rates”, “Super” tab
2)  Policy No - As set in “Personal Rates”, “Super” tab
3)  Hours - Total hours super could be payable on if not limited
4)  Avg$ - $ value of hours divided by the hours super could be payable on
5)  Salary Base - Total gross pay
6)  Super Base - Value of Avg$ x hours. If super hours are limited then this amount will be the limited hours x Avg$
7)  Contribn - Super base x contribution rate as set in “System Codes” menu under “Payroll / Superannuation”
9. When the “Pre Payments Report” values are correct
A.      Select “Create Superannuation Payments” and click pf_super.
1)  This will print a report similar to the pre payment report.
B.      Select the “Monthly Report to Funds” and click pf_super
1)  This will create a separate report for each fund.
10.     If the superannuation payments have been created and there is an error.
A.      After the error is fixed select “Recreate Superannuation Payments” and click pf_super
11.     If the super payments are to be transferred by EFT
A.      Select “EPS Remittance to Funds” and click pf_super
B.      The payment will then have to be transferred through the Electronic Payment Systems

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