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To help manage cost reporting, and also to be able to view staff on leave, an option is to create a client "leave client" to which you roster an employee when staff take leave.

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1. The payroll system pays people based on information in the scheduling system.
A.      If a person is not scheduled they do not get paid.
B.      To pay a person who is on leave they must be
1)  Scheduled to work for the “Leave” client.
2)  Have leave selected in the “Leave” list box on the booking window of the schedule.
2. The “Leave” client must be set up in “Client Contacts” with a charge type of “Overhead”.

3. To do this
A.      Select the Wizards Menu
B.      Click Add Client
C.      Enter “Leave” for the:
1)  Client Name
2)  Generic Name
3)  Client Code


D.      Complete as per normal
E.      Ensure you check “Do you wish to enable rostering?”

F.      Ensure you select “OVERHEAD” in the “Charge Type”.

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