Holiday Leave


Use this window to define the different types of leave such as holiday, study, leave without pay, bereavement, etc. you require in the payroll processing.

Getting There:

[ SC ] –> Payroll / Earning Code / Holiday Leave Codes

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holiday leave code

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Field Definition


Leave Code

Enter a code of 3 – 6 characters.


Enter up to 30 characters.


Accrual Method

  • Percentage - refers to a percentage of the working year for example if the employee has worked 9 month that is 75% of the year they would receive 75% of the “Units Per Annum”.
  • Actual - bases the calculation on the hours worked.

Hour Pay Type

Select the desired pay type (rate) from the list, usually “Normal”.

Unit Type

Select whether leave is calculated on days or hours.


Holiday Loading Pay Code

Select the “Allowance / Deduction” code to be used with this “Leave” code.

  • Choose an allowance to pay the leave loading from the list box.
  • The allowance must be first be setup in the “System Codes” menu under “Payroll / Earning Codes”.

PAYG Payment Summary Box

Choose the field where the amount will appear on the group certificate

General Ledger Account

Select a General Ledger Account Number from the list box or type in an existing number

Pro Rata Entitlement

Percentage earned per day or hour (based on unit type).

Calculation Rates


Units Per Annum

  • Enter the number of units to be accrued each year i.e. if unit type is hours, enter the number of hours.
  • Entered if the selected “Accrual Method” is not “Pro-Rata of hours”


Pro rata entitlement

  • The rate to be used for employees who accrue leave based on the Pro-Rata of Hours option (if chosen in the “Accrual Method” above)
  • As per the formula for “Pro-Rata of Hours” option above the value entered here would be the figure (0.0769) as a percentage, i.e.: 7.69.

Maximum entitlement

This is the maximum number of hours the entitlement will accrue

Leave Loading

Enter the percentage loading you wish to apply to annual leave

Accrue after

Enter the number of months before accrual is to show
Accruals will be calculated back to the start date.


Entitled after

Enter the number of months before employees will be entitled to the accrual.
If leave is to be taken prior to entitlement date a warning will be given
Leave prior to entitlement date may still be paid if approved


Include leave in the calculations for the checked values.


Check this box if super is to be calculated on this leave.

Workers Compensation

Check this box if workers comp is to be calculated on this leave

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Accrual Methods

  • Accrue on days

Means days worked per year and will accrue 1/52 of the entitlement per week.

Annual Entitlement = 160 hrs / 52 weeks = 3.077 hr / week

  • Grant on anniversary

Means the entitlement will be granted at the commit process of the first pay run after the anniversary date.

  • Pro-Rata of hours

Means the pro-rata rate will be used to calculate the entitlement based on the full time accrual.
E.g.  For a yearly entitlement of 160 hours or 4 working weeks.

   3.077 / 40 hrs per week = 0.0769 per hour worked

Hour Pay Type
Choose from the list box whether to pay the leave at:

    • Normal
    • Time and ½
    • Double time
    • Double and ½
    • Triple time

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