EPS (Electronic Payment Systems) Controls


Use this window to setup the account information and the parameters for the Electronic Payment System.

Getting There:

[ SC ] –> Payroll / Parameters / EPS Controls

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EPS controls

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Field Definitions

Fields of Note

User Name

The name of the company setup in PowerForce.

Remitter Name

The name of the person / company on the bank account.

Entry Description

The description for this transaction.


The directory containing the file to be transferred to the bank. The system will place a “\” at the end of the Pathname.

Transfer Name

The name of the file to be transferred.

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EPS Parameters

Click the Edit Parameters button to edit the parameters for the Electronic Payment System. The values entered in this window should be supplied in the documentation received from the bank.
EPS configuration

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Output file - EPS

The output file created in the Electronic Payment creates an output file according to a specific format. One of the format options is what’s called the CHAR(26) last character. This has been the default output format for all banks until Internet Banking came along. In the case of Internet banking, the file format no longer requires this last special character and some bank uploads will actually fail to upload.


To overcome the issue ‘check’ the NO CHAR(26) as shown above. The option is per bank account; therefore you can have both banks that use the old system and banks that use the new option.

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