Emailing Payslips


This document outlines the process of emailing employee payslips.

Getting There:

[ Nav ] –> Payroll / Email Payslips


To email your employee payslips, you must meet two criteria:

  • The employee record must have an email address.
  • There must be a payrun (confirmed / unconfirmed) to select.

You may choose to select from 3 combinations on this screen:

  • Select a single payrun
  • Select a start and end date for payruns with their week ending value within the selection.
  • You may also select to print hardcopy payslips for those of your staff that do not have email addresses.
  • And, you may attach a .pdf file as an attachment with the email sent to your staff.

email payslips

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Completed Process

When the process is completed, you will receive a summary of the details.

email payslips

The above indicates 13 successful payslips emailed, and 208 without email addresses.

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Email Contact Details

The email contact details can be from two sources:

  • the email address as shown below,
  • or, a contact type, where the contact type is of type 'Email' (as shown below).

email details

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There have been instances where the email pay advice process aborts in deployment:

This is as a result of the PAYRUN table not being updated with the field PAYSLIPS.

@ans=sum(@record<13>), width = 4, title = "Pay Slips"

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