Committing a Payroll


A pay run can be re run again and again, (if required), until it has been committed. This step informs the system to lock in the pay details so that banking details can be generated and employee acrualls calculated.

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In processing a pay in PowerForce, we have a concept of "commit" - which is a final confirmation from you the user that the data as currently exists in the payrun that you're processing is perfect and this is what you want the pay to be. Hence, you must "commit" a payrun to inform the system so.


The payroll workbench

This is a generic image of a payroll workbench, to 'commit' a payrun, you press the green tick icon.

commit pay


The commit process

Once you press the commit icon, the system commences to finalise the payrun.

In this process it prepares the EFT for banking, and it rolls forward all employee entitlements to be as at the date of the week ending of this particular payrun. Until you commit the payrun, the accruals values that you see in employee records refer to the data of the last payrun for the employee.

Printing pay slips

Do not print your payslips prior to committing a payrun as the accrual values will reflect the accrued totals as at the last payrun - and the payslip indicates this clearly.

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