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The definition of tax tables in PowerForce allows your system to maintain tax scales for many years concurrently.

You also have the ability to define employee specific tax scales for occassions where an employee has a specific contract with the ATO.

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This window contains the information issued by the Tax Office for calculating tax. Every employee is linked to a tax table enabling the payroll system to calculate and deduct the correct tax from the employees pay.

tax table

Selecting a Table : Double click on the desired table description and then double click on the desired release date.

Table data: The values for the remainder of the window should come from your tax table documentation

Release: Tax Tables 2009/10     Date    30/06/2009

This update represents the ATO Tax Table update effective 1/7/2009:

Tax Table

Effective Date



1 / 7/ 2009

Tax-free threshold not claimed



1 / 7/ 2009

General Exemption



1 / 7/ 2009

Foreign Resident



1 / 7/ 2009

Tax File Number not provided - Foreign

No changes for this tax scale in 2009


1 / 7/ 2009

Tax File Number not provided - Resident

No changes for this tax scale in 2009


1 / 7/ 2009

Payee claimed FULL exemption from Medicare



1 / 7/ 2009

Payee claimed HALF exemption from Medicare



1 / 7/ 2009

General Exemption – No Leave Loading



1 / 7/ 2009

Higher Education Contribution Scheme

As of 1 July 2005, HECS is referred to as HELP. The system continues to refer to these as HECS.


1 / 7/ 2009

Student Financial Supplement Scheme



  • The tax table update process will update the above tax scales in your system if they already exist.
  • The taxes tables noted above that do not currently exist in your version of PowerForce will not be created.
  • Any tax tables that do exist in your system but are not listed above will not be updated.
  • PowerForce Software Pty Ltd has made every effort to validate the listed tax tables accurately as per the information provided by the Australian Taxation Office.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to confirm that the listed tax tables have been updated and are correct.  You may confirm this by verifying the table values via the following menu options - ‘System Codes’/ ‘Payroll’/ ‘Parameters’/ ‘Tax Tables’.
  • PowerForce Software Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for incorrect taxing of employees, due to inaccurate or incomplete tax tables.

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