Please investigate the issue for employee V-454 (Sample Employee). In her first payrun she has been taxed 50%. The tax table in her profile was blank, however her TFN was correct

Can you please advise how to make an adjustment for her for her next pay.

Getting There:

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The payslip in error is below, showing a tax value of $595.70.

Step 1 - what should she have been paid?

The quickest and most direct way to find what tax an employee should have paid is by using the ATO's actual tax scales - found at: ATO web site "Tax Tables 2009/10 complete list".

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Step 2 - make a manual adjustment to correct the pay

 As an example of the adjustment, we'll assume that the employee was overtaxed by $280.00, therefore you want to create an adjustment for that amount. Using the pre-payroll manual adjustments screen, enter the data as per the below example:

This screen can be used at any time, and as the header says - the adjustment will be made in the next payrun for the employee.

The above screen can be found at: [ Nav ] –> Payroll / Pre-payroll Manual Adjustments

Step 3 - next payrun

To ensure that this employee has no issues at the next payrun, her pay should be double-checked to check that the adjustment has come though and that the correct rate of tax on the new total amount has been calculated.



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