An employee is now on workers compensation. How do we change his configuration so that he does not continue to accrue annual leave whilst on workers compensation.

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A full time employee has gone onto workers compensation, and continues to accrue annual leave.

We want to stop the annual leave accrual whilst the employee is on workers compensation.

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The employees particulars are held across a number of elements, elements which you can tune to configure the above. You will need to review following elements, and make the adjustments as required.

The Steps

  • The employee's employement type defines the broad parameters on annual leave (see here). If the annual leave box is checked, then the employee is entited to annual leave. What you need to do is to create an employment type 'workers comp' ensuring that the annual leave checkbox is not selected.

  • Using the employee rates management screen, place the employee on the new employment type effective the date that the employee commenced workers compensation.

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If you wish to see the employee's workers compensation shifts on the availability screen, the you will need to schedule these shifts through the roster. You would use the following:

  • Schedule all his / her time off on workers comp though a shift type "workers comp". This will give you a clear picture that the employee was on workers compensation when you review their history via the availability screen.


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