When Powerforce is part of an organisation where the organisation uses an external payroll system, uploading employees has to be a manual process.

Getting There:

[ SC ] –> Modules / Module Options


The most common extract format is Excel (.xls, .xlsx) as well as .csv. The preferred method is .xlsx as the .csv format often has superfluos commas in the actual data rather than as the data delimiters. The generic Excel format allows you to include commas in the import information.

The import format that your organisation uses is often times specific to your business and hence your Powerforce application will have been configured to upload your specific data format.

The screen to use is the Import Employees form as shown here:

import employees

Running the process

Use the dropdown at "Filename to load" to navigate to the location where you have your emloyee export stored.

Select the file, and press Ok.

Once you select a valid filename, the "Read Excel" button becomes enabled, to allow you to read in the file. Press "Read Excel" to load the file into Powerforce.

Depending upon the version of Excel and your PC, you may sometimes get a messages similar to the following. If you do, you may press either Yes or No, it has no impact upon the process you are running in Powerforce.


Having read the file in, the program will read every row of your excel file, and compare the details against the details in the existing Powerforce EMPLOYEE table. In the above example no data is available for upload and hence there is nothing more that you can do with this file. This is an indication that there are no new employee records in the excel file that are not already in Powerforce.

However, when there is new data (as shown below), you will be informed of the number of new employee records for upload as well as some basic information displayed.

The "Update Employee Details to Powerforce" button becomes enabled allowing you to process the data import. Press this button to upload the new employees into Powerforce.