Casual Charge Rates


Defining the charge structure for invoicing.

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Charge Code(s)

The reason for codes such as D1, etc is that it makes the system flexible for configuration. You may charge each of your 10, 100 or 200 clients the same rate for the D1 (Weekly Day Rate) or you may charge each of them a different rate, yet you only define the term once.

This allows you to configure the Day Rate charge to different client, with effective rates at different times. Here are example of the contents of the "D" codes. Note - you may call the charge code anything that you please as long as the two ends (the fee interpreter and the charge code) marry up.

day rate charge


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weekend rate charge



The generic D1 charge rate has a value of $24.65, whereas the client definition has a value of $28.75.
Therefore this client will charge $28.75 for all D1 work.
The client will charge the default $47.25 for any Pub Holiday work as there is not "client specific" charge, but there is a default.

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