User Administration


This document details the process of “User Administration”, which is the means by which you manage the modules and menu options for an individual PowerForce user

Here you manage things such as:

  • Passwords
  • Menu Options
  • Permissions (printing, emailing & menus)

Getting There:

[ Administration ] –> Users



The “User” window defines the “Login Ids” used to access the system. Current users are displayed on the left.

user setup

Enter an “Employee Code” to link a user to an employee.

User Tab

This tab controls the type of access the user has to the system.

Fields of Note


Enter the password the user will initially use to logon to PowerForce.

Change Password On First Login

Check this option to prompt for a new password next time this user logs in to PowerForce.

Password Changes

Check this box to force the password to be changed every 30 days.

User Level

Informational describing the users experience with the system. Planned for greater flexibility in the future.

User Group

User – This limits the user to seeing only the clients of the currently active company. Supervisor & Administrator – see client from all companies.

Application Attach Point

Normally “Business Module”, however if the Operations module is installed the user can be set bring up the “Operations Workbench” in place of the “Navigator” screen.

Administration / System Codes / Tools / Email

Check to enable user access to these menus. It is important that at least one user has “Administration” so that these setting may be changed if needed.

Profiles Tab

This tab controls access to the “Navigator” items. Double click the module on the left to display the sub items on the right.

Activate each check box to gain access to the desired item or check “Select All Options” to select all options in a module.
These options then become the user menu options.

user profiles

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Tasks Tab


This represents system notifictions that the user wishes to be made aware of in the normal course of daily processing. Select the check box for each notification this user should receive.

user tasks

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Company Tab

This tab controls the logical company entities that this user has access to.

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Colours Tab

This is currently incomplete functionality. However, it's goal is to allow user colour preferences for all aspects of PowerForce displays.

user colours

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Audit Tab

This tab shows login session details for the selected user.

user audit

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