Setting up Superannuation Funds- PowerForce Workshop™


Demonstrate how to setup superannuation fund details used by your company and your employees. Information supplied in this window will be used by the payroll system.

Getting There:

[ System Codes ] –> Payroll / Superannuation

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Section 2

super fund


Fields of Note

Complete the “Details” section

Enter a short code for the fund
Enter the policy number for the company
Complete the Name and address of fund provider

Superannuation Parameters

Earning Threshold

The amount that the employee must earn in a month to have super contributed.


Minimum and maximum age of employee for super contributions

Contribution Cap

Once earnings reach this level no additional funds are deducted.

Distribution Method

Select the method of moving the payments to the fund

  • RPT – Report and cheque posted
  • EPS – Electronic payment
  • EDI – Electronic data interchange

Distribution Code

Select the “EPS” payee code for the fund. These codes must be created in EPS Payees (System Codes / Payroll / Parameters). Account details will be entered automatically if a distribution code is chosen from the list

GL Accounts


Enter the General Ledger account code for all required company “Superannuation” payments.


Enter the General Ledger account code for all additional employee “Superannuation” contributions.


Enter the “Superannuation” contribution rate and date of change then click Apply. This will add the entry to the previous rates section.

SGL – Superannuation Guaranteed Levee

SGL Component

Date – The date the levee was set

The following items reference the superannuation codes defined here
1. Earning Codes
All earning codes “System Codes / Payroll / Earning Codes”, including leave codes, must be checked to include superannuation contributions if applicable.
2. Employment Types

  • “System Codes / Payroll / Parameters / Employment Types”
  • If required, check the box to “Limit Super Hours” and enter the number of hours into “Superannuation Hours”

3. Personal Rates

  • Under the Super tab “Biographical / Personnel Maintenance / Maintain Personnel Rates” in the “Navigator”
  • Company Contributions
    • Select the Company Super Fund
    • The fund name and contribution % will be entered automatically
  • Enter the employee’s policy number
  • Employee Contributions
    • Click on a new line on the grid
    • Select the Super Fund
    • The fund name will be entered automatically
    • Enter the amount of the employees contribution
    • Enter the employees policy number

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