Export data from MYOB


We often get customers moving to PowerForce that use MYOB for their payroll and running other aspects of their business. This note details how to export the MYOB data so that it can be read in through PowerForce.

NOTE: the original document shown here indicates that we prefer a comma seperated file.

However, if your version of MYOB has an option to export in 'generic Excel format' - then please select that mode over comma seperated.

MYOB Data Export

MYOB refers to its data records as 'cards', and for PowerForce the Employee & Customer Cards. You will then be presented with a question / option asking which pieces of information to export, select "Match All", and do not re-order anything.

PowerForce then reads the exported data and uploads all of the information into the internal format suitable for PowerForce.


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Ensure that you select the option which says "Comma Delimited" as the export format.

myob export


Change the file format to as below, & press Continue

myob export


Finally, press the "Match All" button, then "Export"

You'll then be prompted to save the file

myob export