Installing the Client support files for ver 9 - PowerForce™


The new release of PowerForce uses more of the .NET infrastructure and as a result, each workstation using PowerForce needs to configure a number of components.


Getting There:

[ SC ] –> Modules / Module Options


The following components need to be manually installed, from the working directory of where your Powerforce application is installed.

To roll out an OpenInsight 9.0.0 application to a workstation requires that several libraries and controls be registered by a administratrive user. Some of the components will automatically install upon first use if the local user has workstation administrator access. Since many organizations don't give users local administrator rights to the workstation this document is designed to help you identify the components that need to be installed or setup in advance.

For the purpose of this article assume users do not have administrator access and the files will need to be setup by script or hand. This article covers workstations using Windows 7 and later. Some components may already be installed as part of the Windows Update process.

OpenInsight 9.0 Workstation Installation Notes

Installation Prerequisites

OpenInsight Setup

Files here can be found in the root of your PowerForce 9.0 program folder.

These files must be installed or registered by an administrator. Use the Windows program regsvr32 to register .OCX files. You may automate this process with the use of a administrator logon script.

  • OIPINET\OIPISetup3.3.msi - The printing component OpenInsight
  • RevDotNetSetup.msi - Library to utilize .NET controls in OpenInsight
  • rvcmdctl.ocx - Library used by Character to Open Insight (CTO)
  • scivbx.ocx - Used by the System Editor ++ to display opened files

Tip: Windows User Account Control (UAC) requires that you use "Run As Administrator" when installing or starting command prompts.

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