This document outlines the two modes of cancelling or deleting a shift from the rosters.

Getting There:

[ Nav ] –> Scheduling / Scheduling Workbench


Shifts may be deleted singularly or in bulk, as we demonstrate below.

To get to the shift open the scheduling workbench to the site where you wish to remove the shift from. If deleting a single shift, click once on the shift to delete, then press the 'Cancel' button.

cancel shift

You will be prompted to confirm the deletion: cancel shift

If you confirm the cancellation by pressing 'Yes', you are offered the opportunity to enter a brief description of why the shift was cancelled. Cancelled shifts are moved to a database table which stores details of cancellations so that you have the ability to report back on previous actions against the rosters.


Cancelling multiple shifts simultaneously

If you have a need to remove more than one shift from a site, use the similar approach of opening the scheduling workbench to get to the shifts. In this instance however, press the "Red X" icon on the top border of the scheduling workbench.

cancel shifts

Once you click the "X" (delete button), you will be prompted to confirm you selection.

cancel shift

You are shown all the shifts at the site. Press Delete All to select all the shifts shown. You may then de-select any number of shifts from deletion.

cancel shifts

Press "Save" to complete your action, whereupon your workbench will refresh showing you the single remaining roster.


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