PowerForce Rostering™

The create adhoc shifts option is accessible only from the Scheduling Workbench. The window is accessible to all users, however a number of fields are disabled by default.


Getting There:

[ Nav ] –> Rostering / Scheduling Workbench

User Access

As you can see in the image below, there are a number of fields that are disabled based upon user access controls.

adhoc shift

The "Save" button accessibility is driven by there being a correct shift definition (that is date / time combinations), and the Save button will switch itself on as data is entered.


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User AccessThe general means of access controls into Powerforce is managed via the Administration / Users profile. In the following image the login name that accessed the above adhoc shifts form had the "User Group" setting of Supervisor (as per the image below).

user profile

To enable the classification code field in the adhoc shifts window, you must change the User Group setting to at least Administrator, and in doing so, when that user next opens the adhoc shifts window, the window will appear as in the image below. The periously greyed out fields are now visible.

adhoc shifts

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