Running an STP upload to the ATO

To use the STP workbench, please ensure that you have committed the payrun, and generated your .aba file.

  1. Click on the payrun you wish to process

  2. Click on 'Check payrun for errors..' button. You will be shown any errors, otherwise the data is good to send. We are attempting to run every check that the ATO performs internally, and validate the data before it gets to the ATO and is needlessly rejected. As our customer base submits errors you receive, we will codify more tests to ensure that these errors do not get through to the ATO.

  3. If you have no errors, you may then click 'Send this payrun to the ATO'
    If any errors are shown here, it's a sure thing that the ATO will also throw up the error, therefore, fix the error.

  4. Wait for between 15 - 20 minutes, and then on the same payrun, click 'Check STP status of this payrun'
    When you've clicked the 'Check STP status...', click on the 'Payrun Status' tab, and confirm that the payrun has been accepted with no errors.
    If you have any errors or concerns, press the 'Send this to helpdesk' button, and we shall assist you.

  5. If / when you do get an error from the ATO, you may choose to correct the error immediately (within a day of sending the original payrun for STP submission) , or you may correct the error, and wait for the next pay cycle for the error to be corrected.

  6. If you wish to correct an error within the period of this payrun, press the 'Send update to ATO', firstly ensuring that you've actually fixed the problem.

  7. 'Send this payrun as a full file replace' - you'd use this option if you had so many errors in response from the ATO, that you might as well just re-load the whole lot, rather than being selective of the large number of pays to re-submit.

  8. "Flag 'final' pay for Year", as the name suggests, this is what will be the final PAYG value on the employee's details. There is no opportunity to re-submit a payrun that has previously been submitted and flagged as final.

STP Workbench

General Note

Please be aware that the STP submission is sending the ATO, each of your employee's PAYG details as at that payrun. It is not sending the pay details of the payrun, therefore, you are still obliged to email your staff their pay-slips.