Configuring Powerforce STP

This document outlines the new company controls tab that relates directly to STP processing. You must complete these details for each company that you intend to process STP for.

This is the layout of the new company controls tab, and the firs thing you'll notice is the big button which says to copy details from the company control.

company control

If your company control record is complete, then you should really only need to enter

  1. Contact: (whom the ATO should call to speak to in the instance of their calling the business)
  2. Email of Contact: (We believe the ATO has an intention to email the contact to inform them that the payrun processing has completed)
  3. Branch No: This is the equivalent field of the PAYG ( payment summary - individual non-business ) entry. Please confirm this with your individual payroll taxation specialists, we've been informed that in the case of companies that operate under a single ABN and multiple states, that they should use this field to distinguish the payroll centres.