Welcome to Powerforce Software Payroll Development Documentation

This documentation is to serve as a central location of our internal processes and undertakings the company is commencing to conform with the security requirements of developing payroll software in the Australian market commencing July 1, 2018.

The documentation reflects the mode in which Powerforce payroll executes at present only


As a result of the ATO Single Touch Project commencement and integrity requirements, the company is undertaking to ensure that all company policy is documented formally.

Whilst at present we are a micro-business, the issue remains that the company must demonstrate a mature attitude of its obligations, to ensure that its clients are adequately secured from security breaches relating their use of the Powerforce Payroll module.

The content in this structure refers explicitly to the management and handing of employee data as it relates to payroll records management when running Powerforce STP. No other Powerforce modules are impacted by this document. If you run Powerforce payroll for the purposes of award interpretation and subsequent data upload to another payroll system, then these comments do not relate to you.

New / Current Employee Undertakings

Future Compliance Updates