Powerforce links its internal GL codes to your actual accounting GL codes via a mapping process. To prepare for the process you must firstly define your external GL codes.


Getting There:

[ Nav ] –> General Ledger / External General Ledger


You only need to enter the Chart of Accounts for the accounts that you need to interface with from Powerforce. Generally only ccounts that are used by the payroll & billing systems.


Setting up

You will need to enter the following types of accounts:

  • Revenue - for Sales recording
  • Expense - for Payroll costings
  • Balance Sheet:
    • Debtors
    • Creditors
    • Payroll Clearing
    • GST
    • PAYG
    • etc..


This is an example setup of an external GL account. Note that you must define company specific accounts if your Poweforce version is multi-company.

GL external


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Existing Data

As soon as you define an account, the details are accessible via the GL code dropdown to assist with efficient processing:

GL code


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