In Powerforce Cost Centres are principally used for internal reporting & external accounting system interfaces.


Getting There:

[ Nav ] –> General Ledger / Cost Centres


There must be at least two cost centres defined to allow for the export of data from Powerforce to external accounting systems:

  • Expenses & Revenue
  • Balance Sheet

Setting up

The setup of a cost center requires the following data elements:

cost center

  • Enter a code to reflect the Powerforce Cost Centre value - you may choose to use the same numbering as in your external system. However, you do not need to as there is a middle step which links the Powerforce number to your external Accounting system value.
  • Select the type of Code - generally "Cost Center"
  • Enter a description to adequately describe the code.

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Existing Data

You may use the Cost dropdown to see what cost centre codes are already defined in the system:

cost center

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