Annual Leave on ProRata based 'U'nworked PHOL shifts

A client recently reached out with an apparent issue in the AI and leave accural processing in Powerforce

  1. The issue revolves around Unworked P/Hol shifts not being 'added' into the pool of hours to accrue Annual Leave
  2. The 2nd part of this same issue is that the A/L accruals in a fortnight period are capping at 76, whereas the employee in question had a total of 82 hours worked ( including 2 U/PHOL ) shifts.

The U/PHOL configuration

The current 'U'nworked PHOL scheduling code is as follows:


Employment Type

The 'FULLTIME' employment type definition is quite standard


The necessary detail of the pay-class


The definition of the Annual Leave (A/L) code is as follows, and the point in this discussion is:

A/L code

Software Processing

In order to resolve this matter we had to dig into the code to understand what logic was being applied and the design of Powerforce payroll

The software design is based on the following generic definition of terms

In practical terms:

So whilst there is a max entitlement, there is also a maximum rate at which A/L can accrue.

If I’m a “part timer” but I squeeze in 60 hrs to my working week, well that’s extra cash in my pocket but I can’t also pick up extra leave. That’s double dipping.