AI Overtime Sample Setup

This document is a quick read of how to read the AI that outlines the setup of a classification which pays overtime.

Monday shift 0900-1900

Award Rule

The award rule helps us define the logic to apply to the pay-class definition in calculating how to cost a shift for payroll. We say payroll irrespective of the employee being a sub-contractor, you would calculate payment in the same mode.

Walk through of how the shift is paid

  1. Pay-class of the shift 'SG'
  2. It's award rule 'AWS6' (says how to pay the shift)
  3. Award Rule 'AWS6' definition (we'll only be looking at Monday - the day of the shift)
  4. Award says between 00.00-23.59 pay 'N'ormal hours
  5. The 'Overtime' says that on a 'Monday', 1.5 hours at (row 1), 22 hours at (row 2)
  6. Go back to the pay class to get a few facts of what the comments above mean. The base hours per day of 8.000 means pay the first 8.00 hours of any shift at 'N'ormal before going into overtime. Then taking the total overtime hours, split them on the 1.5 hours and then on 22 hours remaining.
  7. Normal - 100 is the rate (20.00) to pay the Base Hours per Day. The next 1.5 hours (from 5, row (1)) pays 30.00, and the next 22 hours (from 5, row(2)) pays 40.00
  8. and here's the costing. 8 + 1.5 + 0.5 = 10 fully paid hours.