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This document outlines the currently Beta version of our new adhoc report writer. The report writer will be released with release 9 of PowerForce (early 2010).

Getting There:

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The first thing about release 9 is the total overhall of the PowerForce interface.

version 9 reporter

Reporting (beta)

The first thing to note about the new report writer, is that this is an adhoc report writer, a tool which gives you and your users a quick means to extract random data out of your PowerForce application.

There are 4 new icons currently used during testing (as noted below), these will be changed closer to the final release date.

report icons

  • View or Modify Reports
  • Create Report Templates

  • Float the Navigator
  • Hide / Show Navigator Pane

Create report templates

The first stage in the new report structure is the creation of report templates. These allow the creation of templates and the subsequent running of these templates with selection criteria in order to maintain control over overall report content.


View or modify reports

Once the report templates are generated, the running of the reports is as simple as a menu option. The reports are intended to be run with the minimal changes, principally the changing of date ranges etc, as well as possible tuning of some filtering.

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