QuickSuper Setup

This brief document outlines the coming update relating to superannuation processing via QuickSuper (QS).

To take advantage and be able to process your superannuation through QuickSuper you will need to setup these various piece of informaiton in Powerforce to enable the correct operation of QuickSuper extracts.

As of 07/10/14 (date of this document), we expect to have completed testing and make available the new forms within 7 days for your own setup and testing. Your QS provider will have an ability to upload extracts and "not" actually process them to validate that all your data is clean and correctly setup.

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Company Controls

Your Superannuation provider will have provided you a "QuickSuper Employer id" to be used to identify your data upload.
The company controls record has been enhanced with the two following fields:

QuickSuper Employer id: as provided by your QS fund provider

Pathname for QuickSuper export file: Enter a valid pathname where you wish the QS extract file to be stored.


compnay controls


Super Fund Details

For each fund defined in your system, for both company contributions and employee contributions you will need to provide

Fund ID (QS) : Each superannuation fund has a unique Fund ID for processing within QS. You must enter each funds details in your super fund records.
The Fund ID is the minimum requirement - if you process a super run and a fund is missing the Fund ID, the whole run will fail until you provide a valid QS Fund ID.

fund details

Creating the QS extract

Finally, the superannuation processing that you have been using to date, has a new option

You will set all your parameters as you have been doing to date
You will then run the extact as indicated to generate the QS extract file for online uploading to your superannuation provider

superannuation processing