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I would like to configure Overtime on all our modern award classification in a similar manner to VOT.  
At the moment we have VOT set up on our awards where we assign a shift as VOT and rates and super provisions are taken care of.

In a similar manner I would like OT to be set up where I can assign a shift as OT and the rates are automatically calculated and other provision are taken care of like no super etc.

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The existing AI setup has the following detail behind it

The pay class detail (classification codes) payclass

The Award rule (MODERN) has the following relevant detail / data.

award rule

and the final piece is the TimeZone definition:

time zone

In Summary

If the configuration of this award is working for you, then then only component that you must duplicate across your other awards to which you wish to configure this functionality is to duplicate the "Overtime Base Rate" details from the initial image, remembering to change the $ values as appropriate.


pay class

Please ensure that you read the following article for a fuller outline of the setup of voluntary overtime : Voluntary Overtime Award Configuration