Resolving incorrect allowance rates

This document outlines how you would reconcile why / how a shift pay rate is calculated.

Overview - payslip data

The pay calculations as they appear on the payslip and manual corrections. The issue is that Powerforce is costing the allowances at incorrect rates.

pay slip

In this particular setup, the pay classes are driven by the role type of the shift, which in turn selects the correct pay rate.


Flicking the 'View' to role type gives a quick glance of what roles were worked . This helps to give us a quick track to what pay classes we may need to investigate to resolve the issue.



Powerforce pay classes

Opening the first shift of Wed 07th, shows the allowance for .75 hour (45 mins), paid at $0.4700.

This value is calculated from the classification codes, against the line VPM (set by the award interpreter), as 2.1500% of the base hourly rate of $21.8600. It is a 'rate' becuase the Unit column below shows a "Loading".

pay rates



Correcting the allowance rate

Having resolved that the value is incorrect, the correct value is calculated out as:

    • (allowance / base rate) * 100%.
    • In this particular example of 2 shifts which are incorrect, and that both the CA and FW pay rates and allowances are the same, we have made the following changes to the FW classification based on the correct allowance rates.

    The VPM line has changed to 1.4629 and the VPM1 to 8.4629%.

    pay class


Checking the pay class changes

Having made the corrections to the FW class, we'll look at the FW shift which co-incidetally has both a VPM and VPM1 calculation.

The 2 images below represent the current and incorrect pay class details. Remembering that a change to the classification codes does not translate into a re-cost of the schedules to those shifts that have already been costed previously.

However, in this instance we wish to force a re-cost, so we will open the shift, select the Costs tab, and 'double-click' inside the grid to co-exerce the system into a re-cost.

The second images shows the results of the re-cost, which are the correct allowance values.

pay class corrections