Un-doing Time & Attendance (T&A) updates to rosters

This document details the steps to reverse out time and attendance updates applied to your system, as well as showing how to check various shift T&A and audit details.

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Overview - the problem

There has been an issue where Time & Attendance update was applied to a live production system, rather than the customer's test system.

The overlapping shifts report will draw out those shifts which may have been doubled up.

overlapped shifts report

Over-lapping shifts report

The first step is to run the overlapping shifts report, which is on the Scheduling Menu / General Rostering - Schedule Reports. The detail of the report is similar to that shown below, showing the roster date on which overlaps appear.

over-lapping shifts

Review the over-lapping shifts

The next step is to review each of the shifts shown as over-lapping.

overlapped shifts

Opening the first shift on display throws up the generic message of the shift being paid in an existing payrun.

open shift


Checking shift details

Opening the alternate shift, and checking the audit tab, confirms that the user login "Support" has updated this record.However (not shown in image), this shift was actually created by a valid payroll user, therefore you will have to make the judgement of whether this is a legitimate shift, considering that the first has been paid.

open shift

The second detail to check is found on the T/Attend/Client Auth tab, as below.

open shift

The following shift has no entries other than that of being created by "Support", which as we've indicated previously is the user id under which the T&A upload process was run. This shift can be deleted based on this logic.



Late & Early Report

A further report to check shift time is the Late & Early report, which will provide an indication of the relationship between the shift start times and when the employee actually attended, as shown in the following images.

more reports


late report




The system provides a number of avenues to cross-check various time related operations of confirming shifts.

Overall, it is up to the operations / payroll staff to make the value judgement as to the correct data for processing.