New function - creating demo system

This document details how to setup a training company for Powerforce..

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Your Powerforce system is setup according to your internal IT structure. Here we outline how to setup a parallel testing environment for internal use.

The first item on the left shows a sample production system setup (your details will be different to this. This serves as an example only).
The point to note is that your 2 copies of Powerforce run out of 2 different directories (paths). One is p:\acs and the other is p:\acs-demo.


To create a shortcut, ensure that your training directory (p:\acs-demo in this example) has been copied and exists before creating a shortcut as windows has a rather not-so-clever fix for shortcuts when the destination directory does not exist (it will create you the shortcut, but point the details to the production version, giving you the impression that you've actually setup the new shortcut, however, you actually have not (if confused, please refer to your IT support)).


Overall, all that you need to ensure is that each of your shortcuts has the portions of the "Target:" and "Start in:" set different betwen the two shortcuts, whilst being exactly the same within each shortcut.