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Administering Joomla portal through 'userport' employee upload.




This document outlines how to run Joomla admin to upload new employee data from Powerforce into the portal.

To get direct access to the portal, click on the new option (as shown below).

web interface


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Login as Administrator to the portal

You must have an "Administrator" login to the portal to be able to complete the necessart steps show here.

Enter you Username & Password as provided by the portal administrator, & LOGIN.


Once you have logged in, you will be presented with a screen layout similar to the image below.


From the available options, select "Components", and then select "userport"


You will then press "Change" to take you to the correct screen for data upload.

Make sure to select the option "Use the contents" (as shown below), and then using "Choose File", navigate to where the employee listing file is located. You would have created this file via the "Create web logins" option(s) in the 1st image above.

Having selected the file, click on "Show Edit Window".

At this stage, the data is copied from your desktop to the portal, and made ready for you to confirm the operation. You will be shown the contents of the upload prior to it being added to the portal database.

Verify that the data shown is representative of what you expect is being updated, then press the 'Add' button.


You need to make the changes / selections as shown below to ensure the correct information is sent to the portal, and the press the "Add" button on this screen to complete the upload.



The system will return a message indicating that the upload has worked and/or otherwise indicate what may be in error.


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