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EDMEN - super processing




The Superannuation processing for EDHEAL is run on a 4 week period basis not via the generic 1st to end of calendar month as is the general practice of Powerforce.

To override the Powerforce norm, the user selects the actual payrolls that are to be included in the processing. In that way they overcome the software controls which do not allow the start / finish month to be different.

Therefore, when issues arise such as the superannuation processing failing, the user has to re-create the Superannuation payments. Re-creating superannuation processing is therefore impractical as the program does not allow dates to overlap different months.

Step 1 - Program changes

We have modified the Superannuation Processing to allow the date range select to span months. You will identify the special EDMEN processing by the title as shown below.

superannuation processing

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Step 2 - re-calculate YTD earnings

After the superannuation re-processing is complete, you must run the calculate YTD earnings process to re-align all the PAYG data.

regenerate YTD figures



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