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On the Micropay export for Saturday & Sunday, the export program is consolidating Saturday and Sunday hours into normal hours, which is incorrect.




The customer complaint relates to display similar to the following:

roster shifts Opening the Saturday shift shows a break up as :

edit shift cost

A double-click to recalculate the costs does not alter anything, therefore investigate this by checking the employee's classification on the edit of the shift, shows the classification as PAGUARD.

shift details

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Step 1 -Check employee classification

Going directly to the employee classification's Penalties tab.

This appears correct, double-check the award definition for this classification which is in the 2nd diagram below, shows that there is a 'SL' on Saturday. Therefore the pay classification & award definition are correctly set up.

pay classification

award rule


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If both are correct - why is it not working

Whilst the set up appears to be correct in that there is a correct 'SL' linking the award to the pay class, you will notice that there is no Description or Unit value against any of the Allowance codes. So, let's see how they are defined, by double-clicking in the first cell under PHL, giving us:

allowance codes

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What appears to have happened is that the user has removed allowance codes relating to SAT, SUN & PHL.

The fact that there is an Amount value does not mean that the pay class is correctly set up. The details for Description and Unit confirm that the allowance is configured and in this case they are not, therefore Powerforce is actually calculating them at a value of 0.00.

When the award interpreter sees the Allowance code "SAT" against the link code "SL", it tries to read the allowance code rule from the system. The allowance code rule tells the interpreter details of the allowance, and until it get the details of the allowance, the Amount value means nothing as the interpreter never looks at it.

To resolve this issue, requires that the SAT, SUN & PHL allowance rule definitions be re-configured.



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