A customer has requested that the printing of licence expiry notices is removed from the paylip.




This request goes against the grain of Powerforce payroll processing, however - we have created a company specific control to allow the override of this system centric functionalty..

The Company Controls

In the company controls screen, Default Options tab, check the indicated checkbox to select this option.

The setting is company specific, therefore if you have a multi-company setup you must configure this option for each company where you require this functionality.

licence expiry

The option has only been implemented in two (2) payslip formats, and will not be supported in any other. These are :

  • Format 2D - Detailed (new)
  • Email format payslip

Implementation (internal use)

The control element is in [T] COMPANY_CTRL, element <44>, which is not in use in any part of the system. The original field is called "BILLING_MODULE_START_DATE", not in use anywhere.

The [W] COMPANY_CONTROLS checkbox above has been linked to this field with an over-ride to the field as Boolean.

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