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Client PENRIT2 is not bringing through the correct manning charts in the maintain standard schedule window.




The client standard schedule window links employees to client work schedules, and in this instance the client work schedules have not come through as expected.

This image shows what the std schedule window shows:

std schedule

Step 1

Confirm the client work schedules for the site:

std schedule

If you look at the shortcode, you see that code 'CT004' is missing from the first image, and that CT001 appears twice.

The fact that I see CT001 twice lets me believe that there are some expired schedules. To check this, check the 'show history' box, which as you see below shows two expired shifts.

work schedule


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After reviewing the source code to this program logic, the reason is that the display is driven by the 'Last Rotation Week Ending Date", and as you can see from the first image, the date is '19/02/12', and that is prior to the expiry date of two of the schedules 'CT001 & CT002'.

Therefore to test the logic, change the last rotation week ending date to a date post the termination date (18/03/12), & refresh the display, which shows the correct standard schedules.

work schedule

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