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Shift fee charges are not being calcualted out. Everything is set up correctly.




The costs tab of the shift shows no charges being calculated out, though the times tab shows a correct charge code of D1.

times tab


costs tab


Step 1

Verify that the client charge rates are set up.

Verify the Fee Schedule, ensure that 'Apply Award Based Charges' is NOT checked.

The fact that the charge code is showing on the times tab shows that the fee interpreter is working.


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Step 2

The only other factor on the page that can affect the calculation of charges is the scheduling code. In this instance the shift is "Normal Day", so checking the scheduling code definition:

schedule code


it's clear from the above that the Normal Day shifts are not to be charged. Therefore, check the "On Charge" box and re-cost the shift to give the following:

costs tab

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Scheduling codes have many control options to manage how the system is to treat particular shift types (scheduling codes), and the On Charge is necessary to create fee details for the shift.

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