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The client is not being billed at the rate we have set up. For our services we have a contract of $23.50 which has been entered into the client contract. However, when we go to the costs the rate chages to $25.00.

Getting There:

[ SC ] –> Scheduling / Scheduling Workbench


In the above 2 images, you can see that issue as described. The client contract says $23.50, whereas the shift has been costed out at $25.00, and it's the $25.00 which is going out on the invoice.


To understand how these things came about, we work backwards from the current 'wrong' answer:

1. From the Costs tab of the edit shift window, tab to the first "Times" tab. Here you see that Powerforce has costed the shift as a "D1", which is what's shown on the costs tab.



To undestand why, open the Client Contract for this site, and review the details on the casual charges tab.

In the 1st image above, we see from the client contract that the client is on a 'FLAT' Fee Schedule. So, opening the fee schedule for 'FLAT', you see the image below. It uses only the codes shown here, not "D5", as is the original configuration.

So, what the system did was: In not finding a "D1" against the site, it defaulted to the system wide charge rate for D1.

Changing Charge Details

To correct this problem, add a "D1" charge rate against the client.

We've left the D5, as it caused no harm, and to demonstrate the integration of any configuration required.

Open, the shift with the incorrect calculation, goto the Costs tab, double click to force Powerforce to re-calculate the details, and you get:


Save, the entry, and re-process your invoicing.

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