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DllRegisterServer failed.

Setting up client workstation causes error.





The Windows environment has a requirement for sofrware to be "registered".

Powerforce itself is written with a specific piece of software called OpenInsight, and various other components to provide all the functionality that users experience. To give the user PC access to these various software components, each user login (generally PC), needs to run some form of setup which in itself registers these components.

If / when this setup is not run you may get an error message similar to the above indicating that something has failed.

The cause of the failure is not Powerforce, but rather the current IT administrative mode to dumb down user PCs, so that users cannot inadvertently downloaded viruses. Therefore, in order to legitimately overcome these, you must do what is called "Execute as Administrator", which raises your profile to that of the PC administrator (who has all rights to the PC), to install the component.

run as administrator


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