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When we start processing payments through Powerforce, how do we change anything if the roster has been confirmed incorrectly.

Getting There:

[ SC ] –> Scheduling / Scheduling Workbench


confirmed shifts


The scheduling workbench display (above) is showing that these shifts are all confirmed (bold & italicised).
To answer the question requires an understanding of what stage you are at in relation to processing.

Select the shift which is incorrect, & double-click it to see the edit window. If the shift has been processed in payroll or invoicing or both, you will be informed of the fact through a message, & also what is further possible.

So, to cover off all scenarios:

The shift is confirmed only - which signifies that it's ok to process payroll & invoicing. If neither of these processes have been run, simply change the shift details as required (i.e. the employee, or start/finish times).

If the shift has been run either against payroll and / or invoicing, and the process itself (payroll and / or invoicing) is not yet committed:

  • Un-commit or cancel either the payroll and / or billing run.
  • Make the necessary correction to the shift
  • Re-process the payroll and / or billing run.

If the shift has been run against payroll and/or invoicing, and you have 'sent' the pay to the bank and/or invoice to the customer, then you need to follow your own business procedures as to how to handle the reversal.

  • With invoicing you may issue a credit note to the customer, so that figures balance in Powerforce.
  • With payroll, you may enter manual adjustments which you may process immediately or wait until the next payrun to process.

Changing Shift Details

To change the time of a shift:

Double-click the shift to open the edit window.

Change either the post start or post finish time. Note: Do not change the book times, as they need to remain true so that any reporting correctly represents the truth of actions against the shift.

To change the employee of a shift:

  • Select the shift (click once on the shift)
  • Click the replace button, and select a replacement employee
  • Save the changes.


To change more than one shift to a different employee

  • Select the employee name against the row whose shift details are incorrect.
  • Press the replace button, & select the replacement employee
  • You may now replace multiple shifts to the new employee selected.

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