It is Jan 2010, yet the Personnel Summary screen is showing 2009 in the Tax Year dropdown.

This means that we have to change the dropdown to 2010 every time we wish to look at the current (2010) years details.

Getting There:

[ Nav ] -> Biographical / Personnel Enquiry


The screen display is as below, and is corrected very simply by adjusting a company controls value.

Step 1 - update the company control record

The tax year dropdown throughout PowerForce is driven by the configuration driven off your company control record, as per this link: Company Control tax tab.

You must change the Tax Year & FBT Year values to 2010 (in this example).

Subsequent access to the employee summary screen will show 2010 as the default tax year.

The use and change of these paramaters is detailed in the EOY-Reconciliation document.

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