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This sample screen (below) exemplifies the naming by which we refer to the fields on a typical screen.

Getting There:

In this section of our online pages, you will find a reference in a format similar to the following. The format indicates how / where to find the screen / process that we are speaking to in the document:


[ Navigation or Menu ] –> Option / Option]

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Buttons - controls indicating that you want an operation completed.

Check Box - You may select as many items as necessary, they are all inclusive.

Drowdown - indicates that pressing on this arrow will give you a list for you to choose from.

Edit Box - a display showing more than 1 line at a time.

Edit Field (greyed) - indicates a field which is there as display only. You may not enter data into this field (whilist greyed).

Edit Table - similar to an Edit Box, has more features (ie columns) than an edit box.

Radio Button - you may choose only one of the available options (mutually exclusive).


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