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PowerForce is a workforce management application, comprising a suite of integrated modules, including:


hrEmployee Management - maintaining all the prerequisite information for your employees such as employment and wages details. The system maintains an extensive slew of information including licencing, skills, work history, pay history.

rosteringRostering - to allow you to plan and manage your employees work schedules. From the rostering of your employees you are then in a position to pay your staff as well as to invoice for services provided by your staff.

payrollPayroll - a fully Australian ATO compliant payroll application, including a very sophisticated award interpreter to automate the processing of employee timesheets, and payroll.

billingBilling - for service industries, allows you to invoice your clients for the time your employees worked on their requirements. The billing works directly of the rosters so that you do not lose any worked time, moreover the system provides reconciliation between hours paid and hours invoiced so that you may instantly identify hours not yet invoiced.

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At the heart of PowerForce is the rostering and time attendance module. From this one piece of data you pay your staff through the award interpretation of worked hours and for service industries, those same hours are put through the fee interpreter to provide for the integrated management of your staff.

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