Getting around the PowerForce windows ™


This document outlines the naming conventions used within PowerForce. Presented here so that you may understand what the documentation refers to.

All documentation and correspondence with the helpdesk will relate in these terms.

Getting There:

[ NAV ] –> Menu Option / sub-menu option

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The PowerForce MDI (Main Window) or Navigator

This is the new PowerForce Release 9 look & feel  
new navigator  

(A)    [AW]     Application Window – This will display the company you are currently logged in to
(B) [SM]     System Menus

  • [ F ]ile
  • [ E ]dit
  • [ N ]avigator
  • [ SC ]system codes
  • e[ M ]ail
  • [ A ]dministration
  • [ T ]ools
  • [ W ] indow
  • [ H ]elp

(C)    [ST] System Toolbar
(D)       [WT]      Window Title bar – an internal window to the Application Window (A).
(E)       [MO]      Modules that you have been set up to have access to
(F)       [OPT]    Module Options that you have been set up to have access to, within the available Modules (E)
(G)       [SL]  Status Line
(H)       Currently Unused – reserved for future use
(J)  User Name that you are currently logged in as
(K) Window’s edge -Scroll bar becomes visible if the number of details (F) exceeds the display area

The abbreviations in square brackets (eg [NA]) will be the format that all documentation will adhere to in the “Getting there” field as noted above.

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System Menus

system menus

This strip is sometimes referred to as the system menus, and from here you access facilities which are generally once of configuration and adminstation tools.

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